work to canada!

NOC code and title : 7411- Long Haul driver

Level of Education : secondary school

language requirement : Spoken and written English (Basically 4.5 to 5 bands of IELTS) Very important for this position.

Regulatory body : ICBC – Class 1 Driver License – Air Brake Endorsement (They don’t need to have this. Actually it is impossible if they never worked in Canada before. They will get this license in Canada. But the qualified candidate needs to have at least 2 year truck driving experience)

Duration of employment : 2 Years

Wages : Around $23/hr (actually pay is much higher than this, but company typically put lowest possible number on the LMO to cover their ass)

Hours of work : 50 hrs/week

Accommodation : not provided by employer but employer will help find one. gabor gajdacsi soforoket keres canadaba hivatalos munkara bovebb informacit

Jelentkezési határidő: 20 nap

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